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Voigtländer (Nokton and Skopar) in contra light

In the former post I explained why I loved  the “cheap” Voigtländer lenses: they perform well in contra light and harsh light, which is a situation (in my humble opinion) where you can sort averages lenses from good ones. I … Continue reading

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Hong Kong debriefing (1/2)

Where you’ll learn about my old school style when it comes to 4×5 composition, and discover an amazing tiny shop full of treasures… First off, here is the setup for my 4×5 shot followed by the result. I usually don’t … Continue reading

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Hong Kong trip debriefing (teaser)

I usually don’t like teaser when I’m a victim of it, especially since videogame industry uses this mind twisting method years before the release of what tends to be average products. The only reason why I do this is because … Continue reading

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