I thought that yet another blog about photography and lense geek benchmark may be usefull.

It may not be the case, but at least there will be stories about a (rather) young amateur photographer’s journey towards large format, and the love of photography regardless of the hardware.

One of this blog’s goal is to test B&W films (and way to process it to get the best out of it) on the best available systems, given the fact I’m an amateur not wealthy enough to afford any toy I see without saving money for a year!

There will also be plenty of discussion about FTM (lenses, films, scanners, even the human eye’s FTM) and the best lenses available to achieve the best matchings.

But the most pleasant would be if this blog became what the readers would make of it by taking part to discussions based upon the articles!

Hope to hear from you soon folks!


2 Responses to About

  1. A. says:

    Great site! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your shots from Angkor!

    • dreamlenses says:


      thanks for your comment, I didn’t post recently but I’m working on a 4″x5″ pinhole, in the “less is more” trend 🙂
      I hope I’ll have something interesting to share soon.

      Best regards


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