Hong Kong trip debriefing (teaser)

Hong Kong large format setup

Hong Kong large format setup

I usually don’t like teaser when I’m a victim of it, especially since videogame industry uses this mind twisting method years before the release of what tends to be average products.

The only reason why I do this is because of the lack of time which keeps me from debriefing my trip to Hong Kong right away. In spite of that I wanted to share with you what pleased me the most (aside delicious food): good photo gear prices in a town where you can enjoy it right away, in fact just like New York (a town I like even more, as you can see if you browse my website‘s galleries)

My next post will be about 4×5 (see the picture of my beloved Speed Graphic at work!), NEX+M mount Voigtlander lenses (31mm f1.4 & 21mm f4) which I bought and used there, and a wizzard shop where I found anything I wanted related to lens adapters. Stay tuned!


About dreamlenses

Amateur photographer, seeking for photo gear (no matter film or digital) that keeps me from flare and distortion!
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